Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Schoolhouse Store has another great offer you cannot pass up!  Not only are they offering the $7.95, 1-year subscription and the $12.94, 1-year subscription plus current issue (U.S. only), we are also offering these 4 free gifts from the summer promotion:
·         Greenleaf Press - Handwriting by George
·         Sue Gregg - Cooking with Children CD
·         Daystar - $10 Gift Certificate
·         Wikki Stix – Sample of six different Wikki Stix and activity booklet.

What a great offer this is!  I cannot say enough about The Schoolhouse Magazine and how much it has to offer the homeschooling family.  It has been a blessing to me the 2 1/2 years I have subscribed to it.  There is always something that I can use or apply to our homeschool.  I can always find word of encouragement and wisdom from the editors of TOS.  Take advantage of this great offer right now so you can receive The Schoolhouse Magazine and these 4 free gifts!