Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We have Bluebirds!

If you read my post from April 15, 2010 you saw the bluebird house Chris and Riley built when I had to go out of town.  Well, we have a family of bluebirds that have moved in!  We were all so excited! 

Isn't that a brilliant blue?!  God is so amazing to create such a vivid, beautiful color on one of His creatures!

One morning I had noticed the male on the ground under our bird feeders so I watched the bird house for a little bit and eventually I noticed both the male and female were flying in and out!  They were also resting near our garden on the posts.

I can see why folks talk about "The Bluebird of Happiness" because just watching this beautiful creature that is such a brilliant blue is enough to make me happy!


Coby said...

What beautiful birds! How exciting to have a little family living in the bird house! We had a momma bird sitting on two eggs in a pine tree in our front yard. It was so fun to see the baby birds get big, and then one day the nest was just empty and had toppled over. I'm really hoping they just flew away and a cat (or the INSANE New Mexico winds) didn't get them!

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