Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to the Books Tomorrow!

We have had a busy weekend! Riley turned 8 yesterday! What a little man he is getting to be! Oma (Chris' Mom) came up and my family came over and spent some time with Riley. They all seemed to have a great time! Nerf guns were brought out and Uncles and Aunts and cousins were running and hiding around corners and in closets to not get shot. It was loud but hilarious to watch. Yes, I was a watcher as were Nana and Oma and a couple of my sisters.

Thursday we had Coop classes and that went well again. Riley enjoyed his classes and had a good time. I helped out in the Art class again and also in the Lego Robotics with the 9-11 year old boys. Since I haven't really ever watched that many 9-11 year old's that close, it was interesting to watch the behaviorism of that age group. I also thought, "hmmm, Riley will be there in a year or so, is that how he will behave?"

Friday we went to the circus with some of our school mates! Riley had never been before so he thoroughly enjoyed it! We bought a program which came with a blinking red clown nose. He wore it through most of the program! It was so cute!


Then of course we had the weekend, birthday party, Oma visited and we had lots of rest and down time today. As I went through some of his tests and papers tonight I realized how Riley is possibly in a lazy streak lately. He had made several careless mistakes on both his math and phonics papers or tests. He has been in a hurry and not paying attention to what he is writing or the instructions, leaving numbers off, not reading the signs (whether to add or subtract), misspelled words or with capital letters, leaving punctuation off. Just a lot of little stuff like that that adds up quickly.

Tomorrow is Monday. We will start school and hopefully get Riley back on track this week. I knew he had been rushing to get his paperwork done but I didn't realize to what extent. So I approach tomorrow with determination that we will take our time, do our best and finish our work and I will be watching more. Wishing you a blessed week!


Karen said...

You know, I think all of us (mom included--which is me=)) are getting a little sloppy with our schoolwork. I used to blame it on spring fever when I taught, but it is far from spring where I live (we are suppose to get more snow this week). But Monday promises a fresh new week with new diligence and purpose (but, oh, do I wish spring break was just around the corner;)!