Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Learning to Crochet: Do I Really Have to Follow Instructions?

I tell you, this last week was slam packed with activity! The most important and most exciting is we have a new nephew in our family. Liam Bennett Brown was born to my sister and brother in law last Wednesday morning at 12:17. Praise the Lord he is a healthy baby boy weighing in at 8lb 8oz. I have to say he is pretty cute!

We had a Cub Scout activity Saturday night that required set up time Friday night, making a dessert Saturday and then the actual event that evening. In the meantime I have been getting clothes and items ready for a local consignment sale. I finally got all that delivered Sunday and Monday.

Riley woke up Monday morning with a low grade fever, slight sore throat and congestion. We put school on hold for the day so he could rest and recuperate. Then Grandpa called and said they were in town, could they come for a visit Tuesday (today). Of course they could, so I got busy cleaning. We met them for lunch then they came and visited with Riley and I this afternoon. It was a nice visit.

Last week while we were waiting on Little Liam to arrive, my sister's midwife came in and sat down with us. She picked up a bundle of yarn and just started crocheting a baby cap. I watched her and asked her how she started, with intentions of making one for little Liam. So I got started.

As I worked on it and got closer to finishing it I noticed something wasn't quite right. It had a little 'knot' or 'bean' on top and the bottom edge had a wave to it.

So I decided this wasn't right.  I needed some instructions.  I got online and found a video for crocheting a baby cap.  This video has Great step by step instructions which were so easy to follow.  She even slows the video down for you to see exactly what she is doing.  I started last night and finished today.

Much better!  Isn't it amazing what happens when you follow instructions?!  It was easy and didn't take long,  what a fun project!  Hopefully it will fit Little Liam's head!

Tomorrow we will resume school and hopefully be more on the mend.  It is good to be back on the blog, and hopefully back to some sense of normalcy.  There might be some more little baby caps in the near future.  I recently found out a cousin and his wife are expecting twins!

Till next time have a blessed week.