Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday's Walk - T-ball Memories

I am going back to the Spring of 2007, Riley was 5 years old and we signed him up for T-ball.  What a BIG deal it was too!  He got a new glove, cleats and the uniform was just too cute!  It almost swallowed him up!

See, look how big his pants are!  Precious!

Practices were fun meeting all the other parents and boys.  We had a great coach.  He really worked on sportsmanship, playing fair, teaching the boys to work together and show each other respect.  When the games were over he would ask each boy to say something good about another team mate that they may have done during the game.  He really taught the boys how to build each other up. What an awesome thing to teach 5 year old boys.

I'll tell you though, these were some of the best games to watch!  At the first game, Coach introduced each boy and in the background was playing the song, "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!..."  they were so excited!  In the beginning, it was so funny to watch them run in the wrong direction after they hit the ball, or throw it to the wrong person.  There was a spot in Right Field that by the end of the season had a deep hole where the boys who played that position would stand in it and dig when they were bored.  Riley was one of them!  But to see them hit the ball and run to first base, then eventually home and feel that sense of excitement for them doing so well!  And to those little boys, snack time at the end of the game was the best part of it all!  What a great time!

It has been a good experience for us to be involved with T-ball and baseball.  We have been so blessed to have some awesome coaches that were good Christian men who taught Riley some good values.
I am so thankful that Riley has stuck with it over the last 3 1/2 years.  It has given him confidence and taught him sportsmanship and how to work with his teammates and help his team play well.   It hasn't been easy, he isn't one of these boys that sports just comes easy, at least baseball anyways.  Last spring he got one hit during the games, he was so discouraged.  Thankfully after some coaxing he decided to play this year and he is so glad he did.  He has been hitting better and working on fielding better.  We'll see what next spring holds because soccer runs a close race with baseball...but for now looking back at T-ball is a wonderful memory of such a precious little boy who could run fast and had a lot of fun!!  My how things change!

Taken by one of the other parents at last weeks game.


Brown Bag Special said...

This is great! I love the first picture of him. Little man! Man, how he has grown!

Kristin said...

What a cutie! love the pictures. Thanks for the comments on my adoption story post. I have been truly blessed. I'm always open to talking about adoption, just ask away! :)

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by! I was just telling one of my staff what great memories I have of my sone playing t-ball in 2007 (his first time) because my grandpa got to go to a lot of his games.

It sounds like your son has really enjoyed it. Ours has taken up soccer.

Karen said...

That is such a precious memory, but I am sure it is sorta sad to see them grow up=). That is great that have had good Christian coaches. My husband coaches basketball and I love how he gets that it is much more than about shooting a ball through a hoop. You can learn a lot about life through sports, especially positive life lessons.
Thanks for sharing this memory=).

Linda said...

Hi Lyn...this was a good post about Riley and his t-ball and softball games. It is so much fun to see them play. It sure sounds like he had a good coach who taught much more than just how to play the game! That's great.

The pictures were so cute. Thanks for joining in on Wednesday's is fun to share memories.

Have a great day!

Luv, Linda

Jenilee said...

I love tball! such cute pictures!!! thanks for linking up! :)