Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Plant Markers

Riley and I braved the chill today to make our own plant markers. I sure did miss the sun, it was supposed to make it to 68 today but it was more like 61!   Very cold after all this warm weather we have had. If you notice the pictures below, Riley was dressed for that warmer weather, he got cold fast!

I had a clay pot that cracked the other day so it was perfect to use for this project. We got our hammer, pliers and wire cutters, wire hangers and our permanent markers. I showed Riley how big I needed the pieces of the clay pot and showed him how to gently tap the pot so it would crack. He grabbed that hammer and just started banging away!! 

Ha!  No, I'm kidding!  He did a great job, he gently tapped the pot and each subsequent piece that needed to be broken.  He turned the hammer over and used the claw to get the crack going if he needed to.

Using a coat hanger, we cut pieces of wire and used our pliers to bend the pieces in a pretty, curly manner.   Riley wrote the names of the plants on the clay pieces.  We then stuck the pieces of clay in between the curls of the wire, to hold them in place.  Riley would carry them outside and stick them in front of the appropriate plants.

 This is one of my favorite pots of herbs, it has Greek Oregano, Lemon Thyme and Fern Leaf Dill.  The plant markers were very easy to make and I think they look cute!  Riley was not too thrilled when he found out he had to help me make plant markers, but when I told him he could use a hammer and pliers, he got excited and was ready to go!  Imagine that!  :-)  Here is the link with the instructions and materials needed at Teaching Good Things.  Have Fun!!