Friday, November 13, 2009

Do you ever have those days when you wonder if your child is learning what you are trying to teach him or her?  I know I do.  So I am always thankful for those little moments of confirmation that Riley is learning and grasping a concept or something important.

This image above is one of those moments of confirmation for me. This fall, my heart has been impressed to teach Riley the importance of Thankfulness and the meaning behind Thanksgiving.  Of course the holiday has not yet arrived and I'm not sure that he has quite learned the importance of being Thankful (time will tell...).   I was rewarded yesterday a little glimmer that  Riley has learned a little bit of what I was teaching him.  We had checked out several books from the library on the pilgrims as well as studied some on the Separatists in our American History sections over the last couple of weeks.  Yesterday he had a Math paper from his Abeka Math that had a poem to read on the Pilgrims and a picture of a ship to color.  I really didn't supervise him too much while he colored this and he usually is not too big on coloring but he let his imagination go on this one!  When he was done and held it up for me to see, I was so blessed to see his mind working on its own. If you double click on the image you can see he added people with voice bubbles on the ship as if they were the Pilgrims traveling on the Mayflower.  He wrote "Nobody can tell us what to do!" (Referring to King James I who wanted them to worship according to the church of England), "Land HO!"  "We found a home!"  "Yaa!"  I was so excited!  Not only did he learn but he used his own initiative and imagination.  I was one happy momma yesterday!


alli batey said...

How awesome you must have felt! That's a great picture!