Friday, November 20, 2009

A Glimpse of Unconditional Love

What a week this has been!  It has been a whole week since I posted last,  but this week has been very hard.  We found out Monday that our German Shepherd Heidi had reached the end of her days.  Chris and I got Heidi about 7 months after we got married 15 years ago, she was our first "baby".  She quickly became our sweet Heidi, a friend to each of us, a protector and one of our family. She wanted to be with "her pack", her people that she loved.  Wherever we were in the house she would be there too.  As I posted earlier in my blog, she would find her spot in the middle of our school room and sleep as Riley and I did school.

As Chris and I were getting ready for bed, she would follow us around and then walk into Riley's room as if to check on him.  I remember one time several years ago before Riley was born.  Chris had drill and was gone for the weekend.  Heidi and I were there by ourselves at night.  She must have heard something because she started barking and as I walked into the kitchen she walked in front of me and parked herself there as if to stop me in my tracks.  If something or someone were outside she sensed it and was going to protect me.  I was thankful at that time that Chris was determined to have a dog that would protect us.

Whenever we left her at the kennel it was hard at first but the more she went the easier it got.  She got to know the kind people there that cared for her.  When we returned she would greet us with a kiss and seemed so happy to see "her people".  That's how she always greeted people she knew and loved, with a kiss.  One time she cornered my niece Abby and covered her face with kisses.  Abby didn't like that too much and hollered and cried.  Eventually Abby realized that was how Heidi would greet her so she got used to Heidi's kisses, especially as she got taller!  Often as Heidi would be eating her food, I might walk by or put her water bowl in the holder.  As I did she would turn and kiss my arm or leg as if to say, "Thanks mom for the food." 

Looking back this week over our life with Heidi we have realized her unconditional love she showed us allowed Chris, Riley and I a small glimpse of that unconditional love Christ has for us.  Christ is always willing and ready to forgive us when we make a mistake, as long as we seek forgiveness and repent from our sin.  Every time we come to him he greets us with open arms and a loving smile.  Just knowing that alone should give us the joy beyond comparison!  Maybe the reason why God allows us to have dogs is so we can have a glimpse of the unconditional love Christ has for us?  I really don't know, only God knows the answer to that one.  God used Heidi as a reminder to Chris and I this week that we can have joy and be a light for Christ, even in our darkest times because Christ has already won the victory and paid the ultimate price because He loves us so.  Our joy can be full in Him!  Amen!  Thank you God for giving us Heidi and the joy she brought us.  But thank You more that You gave Your only Son to die on Calvary's Cross for not only me but the whole world!