Friday, November 20, 2009

Lessons Learned Today

Since I haven't posted all week I've got a lot to catch up on so here goes post #2 tonight!  I hope you don't mind!  :-)
This week school got done and went well Monday through Wednesday, Thursday however, was a loss as far as school was concerned (See previous post). When today rolled around we still weren't quite ready to tackle the lessons. After my quiet time I was praying and the Lord gave me an idea.  We needed to work on putting together our box for Operation Christmas Child and I have really been wanting to bake some cookies to take to the kennel that kept Heidi for us and Dr. Waite (the vet).  Today would be the day to tackle these things.

Baking the cookies with Riley went really well!  He did a great job in measuring all the ingredients and carefully pouring them into the mixing bowl.  He carefully scraped the sides of the bowl as it turned with the mixer, he helped me scoop the batter into balls on the cookie sheet and did not lick his fingers till we were done!  When I offered him one of the beaters to lick he gladly took it and sat down on his stool to enjoy the reward.  What a great cooking lesson we had today.  Riley did well!  We will deliver the cookies tomorrow with a card thanking them for their love and care of Heidi.

We then went to pick out some items for our Operation Christmas Child box.  Riley decided to purchase for a little boy his age.  He had fun picking out cars, a sock monkey (because Riley loves his so much!) and a Nerf football.  We then picked out some hard candy and some other toiletry items and drawing utensils.  We got home and he began putting the items in the box and we realized we still had room for more. So we will go tomorrow to finish up our shopping.  He decided to write a letter to the boy and request that the boy write him back.  Our prayer is the boy will be blessed by the contents of the box and that we will be a light for Jesus to the boy.  It would be an added blessing if the boy will write Riley back and tell us about himself.  Riley did a good job writing the letter and this was his handwriting project for the day. 

He later played some math games, spelling games and then played outside with his friend.  It was an easy day but good lessons were learned.  Carefulness in baking and doing a good job, a lesson in giving to someone who may not have much, and handwriting a letter.  We had a good school day today.