Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Productive School Day

We got a late start to school today but that is ok, things have gone well. Riley started out by reading in his library book "Daniel Boone", in his favorite spot. Right in front of the space heater! I constantly have to remind him to scoot back so he is not so close.


 Aaawww Mom!  Your flash is too bright!

We were able to finish labeling the last 5 states on our Map of the USA today!  We are making progress!  We have a big floor puzzle of the USA so I put it together and traced the outline of the continent, then traced each of the 50 states.  It wasn't perfect but it worked great for us!  Then as we were labeling each state we used small post it notes so they can later be removed as he learns where each state is.

He has really enjoyed learning where each state is, making comments such as:  "One day I want to go to California."  Or, "Someday can we got to Colorado?"   Dreaming up future vacations!

We are close to being done with American History for this year.  As soon as we finish we will start back up with Mystery of History which is a Biblical and World view of History.  We will pick up with King Saul, David and Solomon, then move on to the Phoenicians.  With the Mystery of History we will also do a time line, mapping and projects.

Riley had a new writing assignment today.  I read in the Heart of the Matter newsletter for today an idea on "Would You Rather...".  He takes a scenario, "Would You Rather... live in a house made of candy or a house made of money?"  He then wrote his answer in 5 sentences and really had fun with it!  He asked me when he was done, "O.K. Mom, what is my next question?"  Woohoo!!  He actually enjoyed handwriting for today!  It was also interesting as well as fun to read his answer.

We finished up Phonics and did a Math Test and we are done.  Busy day but good and well productive!  It was so nice to have a victory in handwriting today!  Thanks to Angela at Heart of the Matter, what a wonderful idea!


Lynnette Kraft said...

Surprise! We're Getting to know YOU today Lyn!!!

How fun to be back in touch after so many years. It's hard to believe we graduated almost 24 years ago. Ack! We're old! (This is where you say - NO WE'RE NOT! and I say, Yeah! You're right - WE'RE NOT OLD! ha!)

Riley is so cute! I loved going through and looking at all of your pictures. Precious family.

Have fun meeting some new friends.


Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

poppping over from Lynnette's GTKY.. You have a nice place here.. I really liked your handwriting tip! I don't homeschool but do have a couple of reluctant writers.. Thanks for sharing.

~*~ Allison ~*~ said...


Lynnette sent me on over! What a great site.

I'm not a home schooler, but most of my friends are so I like to learn about different techniques.

Many blessings,

Diana said...

Hi Lyn! I'm popping over to visit you via Lynnette's site for "Getting to Know You!" Congratulations on being this week's featured blogger on Lynette's site!

Wow, can I come be your student? LOL! LOVED reading several of your posts while I was here. I especially like the one about the birds from last Friday. My hubby and I are avid bird watchers and have built feeders ourselves. I think our favorites are cardinals and chickadees... but the hummingbirds are the most fun to watch, as they come so close to us sometimes!

I'll be back to read more when I'm not visiting at the end of the day, LOL!


sallee said...

We home school too......all five kids.......and expecting one more (to come home from Ethiopia) one day this fall :) Life is crazy with high schoolers and pre-schoolers.......but God is faithful in carrying me through this enormous task... from Chemistry to learning to use scissors :)
blessings on your journey...

sallee said...

oh--forgot to mention that I'm visiting your blog from Lynette's prompting :)

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Good Morning Lyn,

I'm stopping by from Lynnette's blog. Nice to meet you!

Our family homeschools too and I love it. I'm a blessed Mom of 9 and I would love to share our homeschool blog with you www.schoolhisway.blogspot.com

Looking forward to sharing ideas.

Blessings - Jill

Jenna said...

I'm stopping by from Lynnette's blog to say Hi:)
My mom homeschools me and the rest of my siblings, and all I can say is that I am so blessed that she does and I love it!!!

Blessings to you!

Stephanie said...

That IS a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Just stopping by from Lynnette's blog - I look forward to learning more about your homeschool journey!

Suzie said...

Just found your blog from Lynnette Kraft's link and am leaving a comment for her Jan. giveaway! I'm new to homeschooling and your blog is full of great ideas! I'll definitely be back again! :)

cindi said...

Stopping and "Getting to know You." What a wonderful day you had. Although I wasn't able to homeschool my children, you brought back some memories of activties I did with them. Thanks and have a great day!

Linda said...

Hi Lyn this is Linda...Lynnette's mom. I am glad she sent us all your way today...I enjoyed following your son's school day.

May the Lord bless your homeschooling journey!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Hannah said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I never liked handwriting either. :)

Visiting from Lynnette's blog...:)

Love & Blessings,


Kristin said...

Hi! I am just stopping by from Lynnette's blog. Congrats on being featured today!

momtofivekids said...

Hi Lyn, I'm visitng from Lynnette's blog. Looks like you're doing a great job homeschooling your son. You've inspired me! I'm going to pull our our USA floor puzzle today! I also noticed that you found a lapbook on Currclick. Where on the site did you find lapbooks?

midRae said...


I just popped over from Lynnette's blog to say hi.

I have to say that you are much braver than I ever was. I never felt that I would be disciplined enough to really teach my children, their all pretty much grown now. I admire any one that has the guts to home school and love it.

Look forward to seeing how it goes.


Janet said...

Hi Lyn

I came over for a visit from Lynnettes BLOG.
I love your BLOG. I will be back to visit because I think I can learn a lot from you.
My kids are grown and married. I have 4 grandchildren. The oldest 2
are in Kindegarden and reading. I love to watch them develop and I think this Nana can gain some education to pass on to them.

Have a wonderful day!

Jennifer said...

Aren't productive days just the best! Sounds like you did get quite a bit done..and enjoyed it! I hope you really find homeschooling to be a true blessing. I was able to homeschool our boys for a few years at th end of their schooling (after my youngest son became ill) and I treasure those years!

I am hopping over from Lynette's - hopefully I'll be entered in the drawing - but it was nice to find your blog and look through your journey a bit.

God bless your week -

Jenilee said...

GReat post! I love finding other homeschooling blogs! :) the question handwriting exercise sounds like something my daughter would like. :) visiting for Lynnette's!

Karen said...

Stopping by from Lynnette's "Getting To Know You" to say Hi!

It sure looks like you have had a productive day!

Blessings on your day,

the Spocks said...

Visiting from Lynnette's blog. Good luck on homeschooling, it looks like your son is also having fun. I plan on homeschooling in the future. She is under 2 right now. Have a great day!!

Kelly said...

Hi there! Just stopping by from Lynnette's! So happy to get to know you today. Your little boy is so cute! Great job on such a productive day!

Lela Paden said...

stopped by from Lynnette's to get to know you. I have 6 children and have homeschooled off and on for the last 17 years. Curently my 3 older children are in public school. (Junior in HS, 8th Grader and 6th grade.) My 3 younger children I have started to do a little school at home. My 5 year old and 2 year old love to work on letters and numbers together. My 1 year old really just likes to be in the middle of everything.

Have a blessed day and praying you get encouraged from GTKY.

momtofivekids said...

I had left a comment this morning. Maybe you didn't get it for some reason. :) Anyway, I'm visiting from Lynnette's blog. It looks like you're doing a great job homeschooling your son! You inspired me to get our US map floor puzzle out! Can you please tell me where you found lapbooks on the Currclick site? Thanks! BLessings,

Jennifer said...

I also stopped by from Lynette's blog. I'm a mommy to 4 little ones here on earth, and I'm expecting a 5th. I homeschool a 1st grader, Kindergartener, and a Preschooler, and try my best to keep the youngest out of trouble in the midst of it all!!! I loved seeing some of your ideas. I'd love to chat more with you sometime about homeschool. How old is your little boy, what grade? I will definitely be keeping up with your blog. I blog as well, but it's rarely about our homeschool days. Anyway, the address is http://wesleyandjenniferminor.blogspot.com
Nice "getting to know you" today!
Blessings, Jennifer